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Crescendo Lab LINE Business Solution Targeting the Thailand Market

Our Product • 4 ส.ค. 2021, 18:47:32 • Written by: Chanasa

Crescendo Lab today announced that Thailand is the company’s next target market with the establishment of a regional office in Bangkok. This year, Crescendo Lab expects to provide digital transformation strategies to brands in Thailand where there are more than 40 million LINE users, the second largest LINE user base in the world.

Crescendo Lab is a Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing automation company helping small businesses to large enterprises optimize user and enterprise experience in LINE App focusing on retail, e-commerce, finance, and media industries. Founded in Taiwan in 2017, Crescendo Lab and its proprietary platform are utilized by Taiwanese businesses to send more than 2 billion LINE messages every year to their customers. Through data tracking and marketing automation technology on the LINE official account, the platform assists nearly 300 global and local brands such as IKEA, H&M, Unilever, KFC and Vacanza to utilize data and accelerate the pace of digital transformation for these companies to maintain competitive edge in the marketplace. 

AI social commerce service iKala Shoplus, signed an agreement with Crescendo Lab this month, making it the first important customer of Crescendo Lab in the Thailand market. 

iKala Shoplus provides services in Southeast Asia to more than 170,000 clients, including Unilever, NaRaYa and Pepsi. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) technology, it automatically detects messages that show a willingness to purchase while sellers are selling on Facebook live streaming and sends Facebook Messenger to viewers in real-time to guide them to complete the purchase. The integration between MAAC Crescendo Lab and iKala Shoplus helps brands to not only identify high-value customers, but also bind LINE users after logging into the software so that the users can receive personalized messages. 

“As the third-party cookie is gradually diminishing, we expect to help more Thai enterprises to obtain first-party data with LINE, carry out digital transformation in the pandemic, and become an indispensable brand in the mind of consumers,” said Jin Hsueh.

Crescendo Lab’s mission is to build simple and practical software and data solutions to transform enterprises to better communicate with their customers. We will help businesses in Thailand bridge the users’ data on the LINE Official Account (OA) platform to the customers’ data on the official website, e-commerce platform and customer data platform (CDP). Crescendo Lab believes that this is a great opportunity to help businesses in Thailand bridge the gap between different channels and platforms, and prepare for the digital transformation era. 

Crescendo Lab started hiring local talents.“We believe people are the greatest asset of our enterprise. We expect that Crescendo Lab can extend our energy overseas and let the Thai market know who we are,” added Jin Hsueh.  Crescendo Lab also partnered with a local agency in Bangkok, ADME, to host our first webinar in Thailand on sharing our digital transformation experiences and how to get the most out of LINE OA. 

Over the next quarter, Crescendo Lab aims to help SMEs and large enterprises in Thailand expand their customer bases, get a holistic view of customer profiles and create better customer experiences with Crescendo Lab’s simple and practical marketing automation platform.