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Cosmescents Taiwan

Case Study • Jan 26, 2024 11:23:51 AM • Written by: Kristine Hsu

Implementing OMO with LINE CRM, Integrating Member Data to Achieve an 85% Repurchase Rate

Cosmescents is a skincare brand founded in 2000, focuses on aromatherapy-based living and offers products such as fragrant essential oils and skincare items. With a commitment to bringing a sense of well-being to people's lives, the brand has established over 30 physical stores throughout Taiwan; as well as, online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LINE OA, to serve as channels for promotion, interaction, and customer service.

In order to provide consumers with a more comprehensive experience, Cosmescents has successfully implemented Online Merges with Offline (OMO) through Crescendo Lab’s MAAC. This integration involves aligning online and offline sales strategies, consolidating member data, and leveraging LINE for deep interactions, resulting in an impressive 75% conversion rate and an 85% repurchase rate.

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Challenges and Solutions in OMO Transformation

Sales Integration: Promoting E-commerce and Physical Stores Collaboration

The challenge was integrating the different sales strategies of online e-commerce and physical stores to avoid counterproductive effects. Cosmescents aimed to turn the online and offline channels into a cooperative relationship.

Data Integration: Managing Customer Data Effectively

Managing customer data scattered across various digital channels and physical store POS systems was a challenge. Cosmescents chose MAAC as a LINE CRM tool to collect and integrate data without extensive resources.

Member Experience: Inconsistent Online and Offline Shopping Experiences

Inconsistencies between online and offline interaction data made it difficult for store personnel to understand customer needs through data. Establishing a seamless digital interaction to complement the warm in-store service became a crucial goal for Cosmescents.

Currently, the customer experience is already very well rounded. Customers are accustomed to a blend of physical and online experience. How we establish long-term digital interaction with customers and enhance their understanding of our products is our top priority.


E-commerce Manager | Cosmescents

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Journey from Physical Stores to LINE Membership


To bridge the gap between physical and online customer experiences, Cosmescents placed exclusive QR codes in its physical stores, guiding offline customers to join the LINE OA. MAAC automatically tagged store labels, helping Cosmescents identify the sources of new friends. Similar strategies were employed in offline events, KOL collaboration activities, and SMS content, directing customers to the LINE OA and initiating subsequent interactions based on source and click behavior.

Cosmescents further utilized Crescendo Lab’s API service, allowing customers to link website memberships with LINE identities. This enabled LINE OA to function as a mini-app, offering member services within LINE. The process involved guiding customers from physical stores or website registration to the LINE OA through a "Line Account Link" button, triggering predefined automatic journeys for customer interaction.

When customers click on the message icon “START”, and combine it with pre-set keywords for automatic responses, they can quickly and directly interact on LINE. This interaction includes details such as product preferences, usage habits, household members, etc. Every click is automatically tagged, allowing the company to establish customer profiles in a short time. After completing the Q&A session, the LINE customer journey is triggered to send discount coupons as rewards, further boosting sales. Hans, the e-commerce manager at the company, mentioned that the membership binding response rate is as high as 50%, and the coupon redemption rate soared to an impressive 70%!

Once members were bound, the LINE OA menu automatically switched to a member-exclusive menu, allowing customers to use digital membership cards, coupons, and check reward points within LINE. This approach proved more user-friendly compared to typical brand apps, simplifying the user experience and minimizing issues such as forgotten account details.

Key Achievements:

  • Membership Linking Rate: 63%
  • Online + Offline Conversion Rate: 75%
  • Online + Offline Repurchase Rate: 85%

Collecting Diverse Data for LINE CRM and Precision Marketing



To understand their customers better, Cosmescents collected data extensively, including:

  • Tagging flow links from different sources (stores/brand/SMS).
  • Tagging LINE click behaviors.
  • POS system data from physical stores.
  • Website behavior after customers bound their LINE membership.

These data were imported into MAAC’s backend, allowing Cosmescents to establish its LINE CRM database. In LINE marketing applications, the brand used targeted broadcasting to send messages to different tagged customer groups, such as birthday gifts and location-specific events. Automated customer journeys, including coupon distribution and usage reminders, were designed within MAAC.

Hans emphasized that customer click behaviors on LINE were automatically tagged, and with member linking, LINE UID tracking provided even more data, such as browsing e-commerce pages. This information could be integrated into the in-store POS system, enabling store personnel to provide precise services based on customer behaviors, significantly improving the challenges of "sales integration" and "data integration."

Cosmescents' approach, centered around the consumer, utilized MAAC to comprehend customer behaviors across channels, both online and offline. This strategy allowed the brand to provide precise services to customers, achieving a "warm experience" and realizing OMO and personalized service.

Hans concluded, "Our brand's management philosophy is very healing and personal, so we hope to operate through LINE. After customers leave our stores, we want to continue this kind of feeling.”

Kristine Hsu