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Conversational Marketing Strategy: Improve Email Marketing and Sales Conversations

Blog • Jan 3, 2024 5:54:38 PM • Written by: Kristine Hsu

What is wrong with your email marketing campaign?

Improve Sales Conversations

CAAC: Importance of Conversations

Surprise! This is all from a book

What is wrong with your email marketing campaign?

Problems with Traditional Email Marketing

  • Email isn’t real-time
  • Email is abused
  • Email isn’t smart
    • A lack of internal communication results in sending identical emails to the same person more than once.

Solutions: Fix your Email Marketing

  • Connect email to real-time messaging
    • Include a hyperlink that allows the recipient to start a real-time conversation with a single click.
  • Send highly targeted emails
    • Each email should only include one benefit that the customer is the most interested in.
    • Find that one thing: Look at past conversations or look at the industry he/she is in or other attributes
  • Use smart filters to prevent spamming.
  • Send plain text emails that look like ones you would send to your friends or family.

Tips on Making Your Emails More Engaging

  • Stand out from hundreds of overly formal business emails: Be professional, but don’t use the “professional voice”.
  • The main message is not how great your products are. Instead, highlight the values your product can add that others cannot.
    • Pinpoint the specific problem the customer is struggling with, and explain how you can help them.
  • You don’t need to personalize your emails to individuals. Instead, tailor them to a specific group of individuals, such as position within the company.
  • Use everyday, non-technical language.
  • Read your emails out loud.
  • Customize your sales emails with calendar links. For example, set it as your default email signature along with your digital business card.

Improve Sales Conversations

People don’t want to feel “sold”, they want to feel like they’ve made an alley. Try to weave empathy statements into your sales conversations, below are some examples.

10 Examples of Sales Empathy Statements

  1. “So, if I’m hearing you correctly, you’re having {this problem} while trying to achieve {this outcome}?”
  2. “Thanks for letting me have some of your time today, {name}.”
  3. “Thanks for telling me more about {the problem/challenge they’re experiencing}.”
  4. “How are we doing so far? Am I answering all of your questions?”
  5. “Can I make a suggestion?”
  6. “I’d love to dig into this a bit more. Mind if I ask a few more questions?”
  7. “I can definitely answer that/those questions for you, but please stop me at any time.”
  8. “Is it OK if we review everything we’ve covered so far?”
  9. “How is {your current solution} working for you right now?”
  10. “Would you mind telling me more about {pain point or interesting challenge}?”

Statements that turn conversations into demos and sales meetings:

  1. “Would it be accurate to say that, based on what we’ve talked about, you’d be able to drive {this outcome} using {product}?”
  2. “It sounds like we should continue this conversation to talk in detail about {goal 1}, {goal 2}, and how {product} would help.”
  3. “If I’m hearing you correctly, it looks like {product} could be useful to your business in hitting {goal 1}, {goal 2}—is that fair to say?”

Then, insert your calendar directly into the conversation and let them pick the time that works for them.

Remember, put your own spin on it and make your personality shine through!

CAAC: Importance of Conversations

Crescendo Lab's CAAC features a quick template function. Designated administrators or owners can create or edit these templates, setting up quick templates for the most frequently used reply content. Customer service personnel can also interact with customers in real-time, speeding up the process as the chatbot has gathered all the basic information of the customers.

Surprise! This is all from a book

Ideas in this article are taken from the book, Conversational Marketing: How the World's Fastest Growing Companies Use Chatbots to Generate Leads 24/7/365 (and How You Can Too), by Dave Gerhardt and David Cancel. This book contains specific details on how you can improve your conversational marketing game, including multiple real-life examples with top Fortune 500 companies.

David Cancel is currently the Executive Chairman at Drift, and he has previously worked for multiple software companies such as HubSpot, Performable, Ghostery, and Compete. One can say he is a master in marketing for B2B and Saas.


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