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Crescendo Lab is now a LINE Thailand Tech Partner

ข่าวสาร • 10 พ.ย. 2021, 9:04:17 • Written by: Chanasa

Crescendo Lab officially became a tech partner with LINE Thailand. The Crescendo Lab team will support LINE Thailand to enhance the ecosystem for both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations. LINE Thailand and Crescendo Lab will collaborate on creating a product roadmap strategy and product development for Crescendo Lab’s Thailand market expansion.


Mr. Bintasan Mokkamakkul from LINE Thailand’s Global Product team states “we see tech partners like Crescendo Lab as a key force in creating innovative solutions that integrate with the LINE ecosystem and offer them to the Thailand market.”

Crescendo Lab is a LINE Taiwan Silver Tech Partner with full support from LINE Taiwan in terms of product development. Our strength lies

Over the past year, the Crescendo Lab team has been constantly updating and developing new features for the MAAC platform to serve multiple differentiated markets. Through sending 2 billion LINE messages from  the platform, Crescendo Lab has found that users are much more engaged with the brand when the broadcast messages are relevant to them not only in terms of product offering but also the timing of the message, and the conversion rate is higher than traditional or mass broadcast.

                  The number of LINE Official Account in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan

In addition, Crescendo Lab is expanding to the Japan market which has 88 millions LINE users, the largest LINE user base in the world and a key market for Crescendo Lab to expand into. Crescendo Lab will also host a webinar in collaboration with Treasure Data and LINE Thailand on November 18th 2021 with the topic “ How marketing technology will accelerate the future of e-commerce and retail industry”